Saturday, February 15, 2014

Printing Instruction

Printing Instruction

The minimum length of one side is 11"

It can be 11"x17",18",19" but no smaller than 11".

Print on Semi glossy paper (30% ~ 50%, not too much)

The way I do :

1. have some thumbnails with each different amount of color balance and levels on first print.
    Make sure you save those different files in original sizes.  All the files for printing should be
    CMYK, not RGB.
    Make one CMYK jpeg file with your various thumbnails, and print.

2. Find the best one and adjust more if u want, Print. (Make sure you have Name, title, Date, Class     name, Instructor name)
    Its good to have 2-3 prints for in case you screw it up while you are cutting and mounting.

I think StudioTac is the best method to attach prints on the board.
Wet glues will make your painting crazy.

The order of giving critiques

01. Steve
02. Pamela
03. Joy Han
04. Chanwook
05. Kwon
06. Sam
07. Isaac
08. Jihye
09. Alan
10. Hanna
11. Kenan
12. Grace
13. Denise
14. Jessy
15. Scott
16. Zhen
17. Brian
18. Tu
19. Estavan
20. Spencer

Every week, Justin will go over in order or backward.